Sunday, 2 June 2013

The Plan

I came up with a plan while in the shower, it is where I do all my best thinking :)  I am on track this week for a gain, now I could use the old TTOM is coming speech.....but I do need to take responsibility. I have been unwell this week so since WI on Wed I have only been to the gym once or twice, I have indulged in a few items which have taken me well over my calorie limit and while I enjoyed it at the time I don’t now enjoy the results of these actions. So here’s the plan; I am going to come here every day and report in with my calorie intake EVERY single thing that passes my lips will be tracked through my fitness pal but I will also come here at the end of each day and own up to my day, good or bad, I will write down my daily menu. I will also come in and report my calories burned in from my gym sessions, my aim is 500cals per session. Every week we are supposed to do a SSS (Super Saturday Session) now you don’t have to do this on a Saturday you just do it on the best day for you in your week. What it means is a 1.5-2 hour session with an aim to burn 1000 calories; I have NEVER done a SSS so I also have a goal this week to complete a SSS. I have the day off on Thursday so I plan on doing this for the first time on Thursday. Here is how the week should look

Monday – Work on early shift. Gym after work

Tuesday – Work, after work I have a famil then home to cook dinner do washing etc – no gym today just need to keep to 1200cals

Wednesday – Day off – Day care drop off then gym, hair appointment and possibility of coming into work for budget presentation

Thursday – Day off – SSS

Friday – work late shift – gym before work

Saturday – Work late shift, gym 1st thing in morning, few hours with family before work

Sunday – work 8-4 shift – rest day

Feel free to come back and check up on me, feel free to comment if I’ve not living up to my commitment. Righto I’m off to smash week 4 :)


  1. Sarah, Don't stress too much about the 1000 calories. Why don't you just up other days if you feel it will be a stretch to 700 or so and cover it that way?

    Good luck with it and well done on owning it.

  2. Hey Greg, thanks. I really want to try and smash out a legitimate SSS. I can normally burn 500cals in a 45-50 min workout. I have 2 programs at the gym so i am planning to do my 2 programs one after the other to get it done. I have the whole day off and nothing else to do so why not give it a red hot go :)

  3. Posting your food and workouts really helps to keep you honest!!! I find posting pics of mine is keeping my portions under control as well :)