Thursday, 10 July 2014

The week that was

Following on from a blog I have discovered through the 12WBT forums this week I will give you FFS Friday, you can find out about it here

Saturday was my 12 year anniversary (of being together not married)  No FFS

The kids had been packed off to Nannie’s for 2 nights No FFS

We had pre booked tickets to Gold Class using gift vouchers No FFS

I had come down with some sort of man flu and spent all day on the couch FFS

Sucked it up and got in the car to go on our hot date, this meant lounging in a comfy Gold Class recliner No FFS

Free popcorn for booking online No FFS

Popcorn is not exactly a healthy snack FFS

Hilarious movie, had a great night out No FFS

Movie started at 6.15pm so it was still early when we got home, I went straight to bed FFS

No children meant I got a nice big sleep in and I slept for 12 hours No FFS

Mum bought the girls back to us meaning I didn’t have to do the 12 hour round trip No FFS

Monday hubby took off on the road, leaving me with single mum duties for the week FFS

Took Monday as a sick day and spent another day on the couch No FFS

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday passed in a blur, it went pretty quick No FFS

Thursday hubby came home No FFS

He walked in, I walked out FFS

I walked out to have a delicious dinner with some girlfriends No FFS

Him being back home meant I was able get up at stupid o’clock to go to the gym No FFS

I HATE stupid o’clock FFS

Tonight my bro and his GF are coming over for dinner, haven’t seen them for ages No FFS

The girls are going to be super excited and super happy to see them No FFS

This has been a great exercise, you think you've had a bad week but when you actually reflect back there are many more positives than negatives