Sunday, 21 July 2013

Tightening the reins

Well the last few weeks I have definitely loosened my grip on those proverbial reins. I have allowed myself to indulge in foods the old Sarah would’ve destroyed........why? Did I give into cravings? Not always, sometimes there was a craving, other times I ate just because the food was there. Did it make me feel good? No. I said to hubby just last night that I have noticed on the days where I don’t exercise or on the days I eat crap food, I find I get myself into a funk, I don’t start these days feeling low but by the end of the day I am in a crappy mood and that’s the only thing I can think of that might be causing it. I don’t have the feelings of oh why didn’t I exercise today nor do I find myself ridden with guilt for eating the wrong foods but yesterday I made the connection that the days where I am feeling slightly depressed are the same days I have found myself making bad choices.

I have made the decision to sit out round 3 of 12WBT but if I keep following this pattern of self destructive behaviour I might just have to sign up before they close registrations. I really would like to prove to myself that I CAN do this by myself, that I HAVE learnt enough lessons to get me through life and be able to maintain my healthy outlook on exercise, food & life. When it is a work day and I am following my routine I am fine but the wheels seem to fall off on the weekends. This is where I really need to make more of an effort. I need to develop some sort of routine to follow for Saturday’s and Sunday’s. My gym does not open until 8 but I generally want to be out at 7. Maybe what I need to do is hit the pavement? Just get out of the house and take the dog for a run rather than wait for the gym to open. By the time I have lounged around with hubby and the girls, had my breakfast and coffee I don’t want to go anywhere. Maybe on the weekend what I need to do is get out of bed, chuck on my runners, get out the front door and just GO!
Maybe this is can help explain some things


The round 2 finale party is just a few weeks away and if I keep following this self sabotaging trail of destruction then I will not fit into the dress I have bought for the occasion. So the plan for this week? Follow the plan! Stick to what I know best, keep planning my meals, keep following my routine, and keep going to the gym, even when I don’t want to. Shift the 1-2kgs I have allowed to creep back on and follow it up with the next 2kgs to get to my 75kg goal. I CAN do this and I WILL do this. I have got an amazing support network around me, I need to use them when I have moments of weakness, I know those BIS girls of mine will certainly bring me back down to earth with a thud if I start getting carried away, I just need to make sure I open myself up when I am struggling – ASK FOR HELP – I will get it. No one will know I need help if I fail to ask for it. OK, let’s do this!

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Just an update

Right, I have been absent so I figured it was time for an update. I will apologise now as I have the feeling this post will be one long rambling mess.

I realised this week that I forgot to come here and brag about my PB that I cracked the week before last. I have been trying to teach myself how to run as I am sure I have mentioned. Previous PB was running for 20 minutes and I think that was just over 3km. Well my new PB is 30min nonstop, in that time I ran 4.2km. Not far to go and I will have my 6km goal. Why 6km? Well last year when I was 22kg heavier than now and as unfit as I have ever been I signed up for the cotton on foundation run for the kids – Geelong. I had high hopes that I could get my ass into gear if I had an end goal and I would be able to run so I signed up for the 6km run. Well I think I ran for all of 200metres that day, I am determined that this November when run for the kids rolls around I WILL run the entire 6km! This has also made me realise I am THE FITTEST I have EVER been in my entire adult life.  Proud moment, I am achieving my goals :)

I slipped on the ab challenge, so I started again. Today is my new day 3, let’s see how far I get through this time before I forget to do it and come back to start again. Today was tough, I got my new programs from my trainer this week so every ab challenge has been on the back of my new workout. Tony has really upped the ante on my weight training, lots of things I have never done before and today my hands were hurting a lot so he suggested I go and buy some gloves! Oh dear things are starting to get serious, my hunt for guns means I am starting on some serious weights and need gloves to do it! I will be thanking myself in a few months when the new lean and fit me starts to take shape. This is not about becoming a professional weight lifter – I need to keep my curves, losing my curves is a deal breaker, I love my curves! I am just hoping to trim a few cm’s from my thighs and develop some nice arms that I am happy to show off in a singlet top come summer

This week I have also decided that I am not going to sign up for round 3 of 12WBT. I have barely looked at the program this round, I use my collection of recipes for the bulk of our meals and adapt other family favourite recipes, I plan my own meals and use MFP to track everything, I follow the training plan my trainer has developed for me at the gym, I have my own support network in my fabulous BIS girls & hubby, I rarely check in on the 12WBT forums & I haven’t been watching the mindset videos. So all this in mind I figure why spend $$ when I am not using the resources. If I find that I actually do need the support of the program then I will just jump on and resign for round 4.  My trainer has told me he is always there for any fitness or nutritional questions I have and my gorgeous girls are always there for me if I am having a bad day, need extra support or need to bounce some ideas. You know who you are and I love you to bits and pieces xx

So that’s it, another couple of weeks and I’ll be going solo – I will still be tracking and planning my meals and I will still be working out just as much and just as hard. I need to see if I can keep up the momentum all by myself, I believe I can! That’s all for today, I’ll check back soon
I've certainly come a long way in 6 months - what will 6 more bring?

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Feeling the burn!

Day 3 of ab challenge and its starting to hurt. I don't do anything ab related at the gym so even though today was only 25 sit ups 10 crunches 10 leg raises and a 15 second plank it is starting to get hard! Tomorrow is a rest day then back to it on Thursday. I will go to gym tomorrow after work but I have discovered this week I am a morning exerciser. Went to gym on my way home from work last night and it was one of the hardest sessions I have done. I was already tired from working all day and mentally drained. Then towards the end of my session I felt like throwing up! I was doing a session I have done a million times before and usually power through but when I exercise in the morning I don't eat breakfast until after my session, 1 piece if toast is all I eat if I eat anything before exercise and that is about 2 hours before I set foot in gym. I think maybe lunch was too close to my afternoon session :( ah well, will have to remember to not have a big lunch tomorrow. 
I am currently looking for a new job, hopefully one with 'normal' hours. When I land said job I have decided to be 'one if those people', you know the ones? They get up at 6am even though they don't really have to be up for work until 730, then they head out in the cold, dark morning and then the mad people exercise! For an hour! Before work! Yep, we'll I've decided that I'm going to become one if them, and you know what? I'm actually a little but excited about it. 

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Ab challenge

Hi all, if I throw it out here then it's real :) I've decided to commit to a 30day ab challenge. I'll check in from time to time to keep you all up to date but I've started it off tonight with a very gentle start, it gets challenging pretty quickly. 
Today kicked off with 15 sit ups, 5 crunches, 5 leg raises & a 10sec plank. By the end of 30 days it'll be 125 sit ups, 200 crunches, 65 leg raises & 120sec plank. 
Anyone who might want to join the challenge let me know and I'll post the whole thing up here or shoot you an email 

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Operation birthday cake

So as you know from yesterday's post today's challenge is to make hubby a bday cake. So that I could indulge guilt free and hubby could still enjoy a yummy cake I decided to go with 12wbt raspberry sponge
Stage 1 - cook the cake

A little flat but still they are not pancakes. When stacked on top of each other they'll be fine. 

Now to do the filling. Saw a few comments online that people's filling was a bit runny. Mine was no exception. I blame the ricotta. If I make this again I will just omit ricotta and just use Philly. I ended up doubling the Philly and doubling the icing sugar to make it a consistency I could work with. Yummy yummy fresh raspberries finish it..... And ta da! 

Fingers crossed it tastes as good as it looks :) 


Well today was proof that my mindset has definitely changed. TTOM has hit me, sore back, sore tummy, headache, cranky pants and really just couldn't be bothered. So on a day that in the past would've called for trackies, chocolate and a DVD, I instead pulled on my runners and hit the gym! (Cue gym selfie)

Tomorrow is hubby's birthday, I was supposed to work but have managed to get a day in lieu approved so I'm baking a MB approved cake. The in laws are coming over to make hubby's fave dinner, lamb roast (yuck), so I'll have a plate of veggies or defrost a frozen 12wbt meal then we can tuck into guilt free cake after dinner :) not sure if I'll make it to gym as the dishwasher repair man is coming in the morning and the cake won't make itself so it just depends how that all pans out if I have time? I can always do extra in Thursdays session if need be. Oh how the times have changed, planning gym sessions so I can indulge in cake :) Friday will need to be a SSS as that is the night we hit the town to celebrate properly....stay tuned