Thursday, 27 June 2013

The holiday is over

So I have talked about being in struggle town this winter with some of my 12wbt friends. I'm still not fully Reengaged my head not yet fully switched back into gear but I'm getting there. I'm certainly thinking and acting in a whole different way to the way I was last winter. This time last yer would've seen creamy pastas, lasagnes, heavy curries and all sorts of other comfort, stodgy winter food hitting our table. These days we see calorie controlled pies, casseroles, curries and soups hitting our table. I would never have dreamed about heading out in the cold to slog it out at the freezing gym. I would've donned the trackies and cozied up with a DVD. Gone are the nights of endless bags of chips, huge meals and couch time. I have been so down on myself lately for not matching my round 1 results that I forgot to take stock of the positives and look how far I actually have come. I have lost 3kg so far this round which really doesn't sound like much but I am much closer to goal now (whatever that may be) so of course I'm not going to pull the 10kg I pulled last round. I am still 20kg lighter than I was 6 months ago. I am fitter than I can ever remember being....ever and my mindset HAS changed.
Hubby and I just came back from a few days in Sydney visiting my dad with the munchkins and although I did go into kinda holiday mode it was nothing like it would've looked 12months ago. I think I had 3 drinks the whole time. We did eat out a lot and I did indulge, I probably didn't need the cupcake I had at the airport but for every bad choice there was a good choice. Food court lunch- sumo salad so I was prepared for naughty dinner. Movies - 1 small packet of byo popcorn. Pizza for dinner- just a couple of slices for me bulked out with salad. Walk walk walk walk walk everywhere. Took stairs instead if escalators every chance I could. For the first time in my life I packed my gym gear with the intention of using it and I DID hit the hotel gym!!!! The result? I gained 800gm this week. Let me tell you a year ago a few days in Sydney would've looked lore like 3-5kg gained. Most of it is already gone. I came home and hit the books planning meals and shopping lists and starting to get organised again. It's time to focus on the positive changes i have made in my life the last few months and stop dwelling on the times where I slip up. I am human! I have a life! For every bad food decision there are 5 good ones! For me and everyone else on this journey lets not be so hard on ourselves. Think about how life would've been 12 months ago. I'll bet it looked a lot different.
Blurry but proof of my holiday workout

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  1. GREAT POST!!! Yep, what a difference to 12 months ago. You're AMAZING!!! Love you loads xx