Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Leaving Funk Town

I haven’t checked in for a few days and let me tell you what happened n those few days.....the wheels fell off and I landed directly in funk town

I have been struggling the last few weeks; I have had the CBF pants on, I haven’t been to the gym much, I have eaten all the wrong foods on too many days, yesterday all I wanted to do was cry and I look around me and it seems there are many people in the same boat at the moment. I don’t know what it is, is there something in the air, is it the lunar cycle, are we all just feeding off one another’s moods (even though we don’t actually see each other in person, just on line)??? Not sure but you want to know the other thing we all have in common??? We are breaking out of our funk, this week seems to be a turning point for all those that I know who have been struggling these past few weeks, we all seem to have given ourselves a boot up the ass and refocussed, we are recommitting, ramping up the exercise and looking at what we are putting in our mouths

For me this week was a 300g gain, so in the last 2 weeks I have gained 400g. How does that happen, well its nights like one night last week where I had pizza, wine and chocolate for dinner, did that help my mood? No.. in fact the day following that was the day where all I wanted to do was cry. I deserve that 400g, in fact I deserve more but it’s ok! We are human, we will all have days, weeks where we will slip up, we just have to remind ourselves that it is not a race I am still 20.5kg lighter than when I started I have not undone all of my hard work. I have refocussed and had 2 perfect days of eating, been to the gym 2 days running and got myself into a much better mind frame. Those wheels that fell off are now well and truly back on, I’m sure there will be a day when they will fall off again but I will just have to be careful to make sure I stop the car, get out and fix them again

So to all my friends on their way out of funk town, I’m with you. Let’s roll on and continue, these few weeks will be but a tiny blip on the radar, I’m sure by the time we reach our goals we won’t even remember being here in funk town
I'm outta here


  1. Wishing you an express lane out of Funk Town Sarah, all the best.

  2. Sarah, make sure you do remember them and how crap they made you feel so we never go back there again. You will be fine, but you are right how there seems to be a few of US at the same point right now.

  3. Thanks for your honesty Sarah. I've not spent long in funk town, but I'm ready to leave and not come back!!! Good luck with your trip.