Friday, 7 June 2013

Keeping Honest day 5

Well today was interesting, another day where a spanner was thrown in the works so I have had to bend and flex to suit the situation. I had plans to hit the gym this morning, I was even dressed ready, then....TMI alert.....I had to bolt for the toilet so with a funny tummy I did not like the sound of lifting weights and running on treadmill, you know, just in case.... so I continued with my day, dropped the girls at day care and came home to prepare what would be the family dinner while I was at work, one of the new 12wbt recipes of leek & chicken pie. Only when serving my lunch pie up to myself did I realise that I had left out the cream, whoops, also in the process I broke the garlic crusher so its leek and chicken pie with no cream and no garlic...still tastes good though :) Then I got to work with my packed frozen 12wbt dinner to find I am on shift by myself for the night due to a receptionist calling in sick. This means I haven’t been able to get down to the staff room to reheat what was supposed to be my dinner. Thankfully I always have snacks on hand in my desk so I have snacked during check ins to try and cover the fact that I have not had a real dinner :( So as you can see it is not ideal but here is my day in food:

Latte – 90cals
Burgen toast x1 slice with vegemite & light marg 117cals
Chick & leek pie 281cals
Wholemeal crispbread 117cals
Chive & onion philly 69cals
Strawberry chobani 142cals
Rice crackers – seaweed 94cals
Pumpkin & harrissa hummus 50cals
Turkish delight 49cals
Crinkle bakes 84cals
Total 1093

There’s no guarantee though that I won’t now go home and have a piece of dark chocolate with a green tea to wind down from this night of hell at work, maybe that’ll put me around my 1200cals for the day and MFP wont yell at me for not eating enough today :)

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