Monday, 3 June 2013

Keeping me honest day 1

As promised this morning here is my day:
Skim latte 90cals
Chobani strawberry 142cals
Lentil soup 223cals
Wholemeal crisp bread 117cals
Chive and onion Philly  69cals
Granny Smith apple 100 cals
Cajun pork with coleslaw 292cals
And I'm about to go get a green tea and some dark choc for 134cals
Grand total 1167cals

Exercise? Yep went to gym after work 

Ok bring on tomorrow lets see if my mojo is keen to hang around :) 


  1. Niice! Good work today :)

  2. Well done Sarah. I am feeling like the mojo is back for me as well so we must be working in sync.