Sunday, 14 September 2014

Restart and Reset

Right, I’ve decided that today is my reset day and here is my commitment.

I will unofficially follow the 12wbt program & track my food again through MFP, I will wear my Garmin to the gym to track my calories burnt and also track this through MFP, I will hit my trainer up for a new program to increase the intensity in my workouts, I quit coffee (ouch!), I have become too dependent on it and I want to go back to drinking it only for enjoyment rather than because I ‘need’ to have one, drinking alcohol will be reserved only for special events, no more after work wine. I haven’t fully decided on my calorie intake as yet but it will be somewhere between 1200-1500 calories per day. I will attend blast fit 2-3 times per week and do a workout a minimum of 5 times per week. If I sleep in, my gym bag will come to work with me and I will run in my lunch break, when hubby is away I will run in my lunch break or complete a blast fit session in my lounge room. Water is no issue for me and I will continue drinking water constantly throughout my day. Night time snacking will stop and I will settle with a green tea if I am looking for something more, if daily calories allow a piece of dark chocolate can accompany the tea. My pants WILL fit properly again! I will be able to wear shorts and dresses again this summer! I will plan my weekly menus and shop accordingly making sure Ben has lunch to take to work each day too.

I weighed in this morning – forgot to at first so I had already had breakfast and was fully clothed – the scales read back 86kg!!!! I was down to 74kg at one point, WTF???? I’ll follow the 12WBT timing with a friend of mine as she starts her round today and aim to get rid of 10kgs by the end of the round

There we go , it’s all out loud, time to smash it :)

There is more news of changes in my world, but I'll fill you in another day