Thursday, 6 June 2013

Keeping honest day 4

I am exhausted! I made it through my double gym session alive :)

Here are the results :) 

This is my biggest longest session EVER. It's really not pretty once it's all over

Red faced and buggered after my marathon session 

Mum ended up coming for a visit today. Haven't seen her for about a month and she wanted to go out for lunch. I made good choices though so as not to undo my hard work. Here is today's food:
Latte 90cals
Pana de casa toast with vegemite 65cals
Pineapple chobani 160cals
Ham hock and veggie soup 250cals
Bread with soup 83cals
Latte 80cals
Bunless burger 325cals
Cruskits with choc Philly 167cals
Green tea

Total 1230cals

Bring on tomorrow

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