Sunday, 16 June 2013

The downside of weight loss

I thought the week that just passed was just another week, nothing really to report. My mood improved and I was more consistent but I just sat down to really give it some thought and it wasn’t just another week I did hit some milestones this week which is great this far into the game

1.       I hit a PB on the treadmill. I ran the furthest distance and for the longest time I have ever ran in my life. It might not sound like much to some but as someone who has NEVER been capable of running it is a big deal. I made it to 3km and it took me 21 minutes. Previously I have only ever made to 2.2km and 15 minutes so I was VERY excited

2.       Tried on a size 12 pair of pants.....THEY FIT ME!!!! Never in my adult life can I remember a time where I fit into anything smaller than a 14!  I was absolutely gobsmacked, I stood there in shock. I envisaged this day to be a squeal of delight followed by a happy dance but instead I stood there non believing in total shock....I didn’t buy the pants though, they weren’t part of the sale and I refuse to pay full price for anything  J
3.       We went out for dinner with friends Friday night, my brain must finally be learning how to deal with life as when I went to the gym that morning I stayed a bit longer to make sure I burned extra calories ready for the night ahead
My post is called the downside of weight loss though, so far all positive, so what is this downside??? We spent some time with my husband’s family this weekend and although they say oh my god you are doing so well, I heard quite a few times over the 2 days the comments I know a lot of you have heard before.....’Don’t lose too much’, ‘you can’t have much more to go’, ‘don’t take it too far’.... I’m sure these comments aren’t made to be intentionally negative but they really pissed me off. My weight is still in the overweight section of the healthy weight chart; my BMI is still in the overweight section so YES I do still have more work to do! Yes I am going to lose more, not another 20kg but there will be some more weight and cms gone in the future. This for me is not about becoming a stick thin model, it is about becoming healthy! My husband’s family have only ever known me as overweight so now that I am approaching a healthy weight to them I look too slim. Every time someone asked me how much more I was going to lose I just told them I didn’t know, explained that I would continue eating well and exercising and see where my body settles, they seemed to be happy with this response but why should I have to justify my choice to be healthy? I am sure I am not the only one that has had to deal with these sorts of comments and I would be interested to hear how you have dealt with any comments that have come in your direction.
OK rant over, moving on... this week is my week where I always struggle. Hubby is on the road so I am in single mum territory, there will be no time to hit the gym so I will need to make sure I stay on track with what goes in my mouth and turn the wii zumba on in the evening to get some exercise done. At the end of the week we head to Sydney for a few days so I also need to make sure I skip the excuses and make it into the hotel gym before we head out each day, forward planning is what will make the upcoming minibreak a success 
Wishing everyone a great week

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  1. Hey Sarah, I totally get what you're saying! I remember losing weight once before, and at about 82kg I was being told that I didn't need to lose much more - I was still more than 12kg out of my healthy weight range!! It's tough when people put expectations on you, and then you need to overcome them and not settle for what they say, but for where you want to get to. Good luck with your ongoing journey, and particularly this week with hubby away. You had some great milestones last week, so hopefully that can continue this week too.