Tuesday, 6 May 2014

I'm Back!!!

Long time no blog, it’s the same old story, I’ve been battling, and still am battling to get my head in the right mind frame and get myself back on track properly.

A friend of mine posted this picture on her blog a few days ago and it really resonated with me. I thought it would be a good exercise to break it down and being as I am not doing this round of 12WBT use this as my commitment statement.

Thanks for the inspiration Carol
I WILL BEAT HER – I will overcome this slump, get back on track and get my jeans to fit properly again 
I WILL TRAIN HARDER – I will stop making excuses about how cold, wet and dark it is, I will get up at 5.15am to get into the gym to train before work then on the weekends I will make the time to go for a run

I WILL EAT CLEANER – I will resume my weekly menu planning, shop accordingly and track through MFP

I KNOW HER WEAKNESS – I give in to cravings, I hate mornings, I am a procrastinator, I make excuses, I feel guilty for taking time for myself while my husband and children are at home

I KNOW HER STRENGTHS – I am stubborn (some say this is a weakness, but once I make my mind up I have conviction in my decisions), when I am in the right mind frame my willpower is strong and I train hard
I’VE LOST TO HER BEFORE – I was overweight, almost weighed in at 100kg (I was 0.5kg off), I wore a size 18 pants, I never exercised (exercise was a dirty word)

BUT NOT THIS TIME - I wear a size 12 pants and if that changes it is only because I am dropping to size 10, I have completed a half marathon, I enter fun runs, I love hearing my little girls talking about exercise 

SHE IS GOING DOWN – I will not go back to a miserable size 18, I will continue to set a healthy lifestyle example to my little girls

I HAVE THE ADVANTAGE BECAUSE I KNOW HER WELL – I recognise when I am slipping, I am getting better at communicating with my husband at the times I am struggling, I have an amazing support network of some very close girlfriends who I can call on when I am struggling

SHE IS THE OLD ME - the OLD me, never to return!

Another well timed post from another of my friends was this

It is so true and a timely reminder those early, cold mornings are not easy, but the feeling I get after a good workout first thing in the morning it totally worth it

In other news, my new job is going really well, my new boss treats me like a human, I get kicked out if I haven’t taken my lunch break in time, I can leave early if I need to, yesterday I had a headache and got sent home….A headache!!!! The lack of stress, the positive environment and the appreciation of a job well done totally outweighs the extra 10-15 min commute and pay cut, it is so nice to wake up in the morning and not dread going to work.

I completed 17km rail run, I completed a bloody 21.1km half marathon!!!! So even though I am in a slump right now (clawing my way out, I’m nearly back) I am still kicking goals. I have even been to the gym to see my trainer and have new programs organised, he has written me a new nutritional guideline and worked out my ideal calorie intake based on my BMR. The wheels are in motion, I have the support, I have the tools, the light is getting very bright at the end of the tunnel, and all that’s left is to follow through with my new commitment, get my runners out ready and set the dreaded alarm. 

Freezing cold before the half
Tired, but happy that we all got through it

My babies running in a 4yo race

My cheer squad after rail run, totally excited they have race numbers like mummy