Tuesday, 28 May 2013

It's a good day

This has been one crazy week for me. After my head not really being in the game for the last 2-3 weeks I wasn't sure what I could do to find my drive again. I'd had an average few weeks. Average eating. Average exercise. Average weight loss. I needed to shake things up a bit and regain my focus so what I did was book a session with my trainer. It worked! I refound my enthusiasm for exercise and not wanting to undo my hard work knuckled back down with what I am putting in my mouth. I am feeling so much better for it and after talking to friends about how I was feeling they made me see the obvious, no exercise means no endorphins which means no happy hormones. What have I learnt? Next time I am stuck home with a sick child DO NOT use it as an excuse to not be bothered cooking the right foods. I may not be able to get out to gym but I can put on the wii or a DVD and get my exercise done in the lounge room. So after all my rambling how did my week finish? I lost a massive 1.8kg! This now puts me well into the 70's and take my total weight loss to 20.8kg. Never did i think I had the ability to lose 20kg. So now I know I can have a bad week, even a few bad weeks and still come out on top. It's a long slow process but my habits are changing. I just need to keep it up and keep showing my girls how to live a good healthy life
My results from this mornings workout 

My gorgeous girls helping to make meatballs for dinner

Monday, 27 May 2013

I'm living in the 70's

OMG! Wow! I didn't really think I could do it. After losing 19kg I still can't convince myself I am capable of reaching my goals. But guess what happened to me today? I made it back to the 70's

Please excuse my unpolished toes :) 

It's been 7 years since I saw those numbers. The day I got married is the last time I remember being in the 70's. My boozy, eat what you want honeymoon certainly saw me come home in the 80's never to return....until now! 

Never did I think that after 7 years of neglect and giving birth to twins could this body return to it where it was all those years ago, yet here I am.

Now what? I am on a mission to get to 75kg. 75kg is a weight I can not remember ever being. I know I must've been there once i just don't know how long ago. For now 75kg is my goal. Once I get there I will assess how everything is looking and see if I am going to push a bit further or settle there? It'd be really nice to be able to get this ass into a size 12 pair of pants, that's also something I cannot remember ever being able to do so i'm not sure what weight I will need to sit at to achieve size 12 greatness?

So there we have it. 1 goal smashed today, I am in the 70's. Hopefully this week goal number 2 will eventuate and I'll take my total weight loss total to 20kg, then I'll come hunting down the final 2 goals. 

Didn't think I could do this and have now proven myself wrong. Time to keep proving myself wrong!

Monday, 20 May 2013

Diary of a Saboteur

There's this girl I know and she's been a real bitch just lately. She knows how hard I've been working and how close I am to getting to my 20kg goal and breaking into the 70's yet she is constantly trying to talk me into having some chocolate or chips or tells me how a delicious muffin with my coffee won't hurt. I haven't been able to go to gym for a week due to work, sick children and various other commitments and when I reflect on this the girl tells me it'll be ok, it's just one week and as I've been working so hard I deserve the week off. 
Yesterday morning I weighed in at 80.0kg just 100g to cracking into 70's. yesterday I listened to the girl and ate a few of the bad things I've been working so hard to avoid. Today I weighed in at 80.4kg so in protest I went out and had that muffin with my coffee. What did it matter? I'd already blown it for cracking 70's might as well keep going. Once i'd finished consuming half my daily calorie allowance in 1 sitting I sat back, feeling slightly ill and reflected. One bad day does not undo months of hard work. In 2 days my life will return to the normal routine and i'll be able to go back to my daily gym routine. It hasn't all been a waste, a few more days and I will crack the 70's. 
I have since come home and had a good long talk with that girl about my commitment to myself. I have asked her to understand that I need to do this in order for me to be a healthy mum, a healthy role model for my children and a happy wife for my husband. I think I have made her see reason and I think she will back off a bit now and let me do what I need to do to achieve the goals I have set for myself. If she starts at me again trying to sabotage all my hard work I will return to the bathroom, look into that mirror and have another good long talk with that girl.

Friday, 17 May 2013

The Power of 1kg

For those that don’t already know; I am a serial weigher. Yep I like to weigh in pretty much every day, and some nights too. I find it fascinating to see how and when the choices I have made that day or in previous days show up on the scales. I know that my weight loss slows when I am exercising frequently at the gym, but I also know that my centimetres drop when I am doing this. I know that when I am eating clean but not exercising as much the numbers on the scales will drop again but I am maybe not so lean and strong where other measurements are concerned. From my daily weigh in this morning I have discovered I am 1 kilo away from many goals I have set for myself, it is a very exciting time, once this 1 kilo is shifted what will this mean for me????

1.       I will have broken into another ‘decade’ I will be back in the 70’s

2.       I will have lost a total of 20kgs

3.       I will be back to the weight I was when I got married

4.       I will be the lightest I can ever remember being in my adult life

So what happens once I crack this next kilo? I am entering into uncharted territory. Can I get past that number? How much further will I need to go before I am happy? At the moment I have a guestimated goal weight as I have absolutely no idea what my body looks like or what my body can do once I crack my ‘wedding weight’. I no longer look at myself and think OMG I need to do something about this I am fat, my clothes are too tight. I now look at myself and think I need to tighten or tone this area a bit more but I don’t think of myself as being overweight anymore. I am happy with my reflection now when it is in clothes but when it is out of clothes I can see where work still needs to be done.

The answer to what’s next? I don’t know, I am a work in progress, will I ever be fully satisfied with what I see? Will any of us? What I do know is that I have come a long way in 3 months. I have already created a more positive me for my little girls to look up to. They know mummy does her exercises most days, they know where mummy’s gym is, I’m sure they can see mummy is happier, I have more energy now to play with them, I am more conscious of what we are feeding them and I hope this is creating healthy habits for them as they grow. I also think I am more like the girl my husband married, I am not so miserable because I am depressed about the way I look, I have got some of my spark back, I have more confidence to wear nice clothes and strut my stuff for him. I might bore him with stories about some fabulous new food I have found or some new exercise I am doing at the gym but I would much prefer to be boring him with tales of good food and exercise than bore him by sitting like a slob on the couch too miserable to actually live life properly

I am really enjoying our new life and I hope that my family are too. I cannot wait for winter to be gone so that when the sun starts shining again we can spend our weekends outdoors running around at the park, cycling down the river & heading out on adventures

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Day 1 of a new round

Have kicked off with a bang. Got up and hit the gym resulting in the following

Then home to have tidy up an a cook up before heading to work. The result of the cook up is 4 serves of chick noodle soup one for lunch today one for lunch tomorrow and 2 for the freezer. This one hubby won't eat so hell sort himself out with a non 12wbt dinner tonight. Will take one if my frozen 12wbt dinners to work for dinner tonight

So day one if new round is looking like a success. Mobile blogging looks like it too will also be a success :)

Happy Monday everyone

Spoilt Mummy

As part of getting into the habit if posting more regularly just thought I'd share my amazing weekend. As well as download the blogger app and my first attempt posting from the mobile :) 

Once again thanks to my amazing hubby I have had the best weekend. Came home from work last night to a spotless house ready for the family to arrive for MD lunch such a nice surprise to walk into that.

This morning our little angels presented me with a gorgeous new handbag (couldn't have chosen better myself ;) ) and their handmade items from daycare along with a new coffee mug from each of them. Then we were up dressed and out ready for our 8.30am brekkie reservation. We walked in and there on the table was a gorgeous vase of flowers waiting for me which I am told the girls chose themselves. I could not be more proud of our girls. They ordered their breakfast then sat there as good as gold while they ate most of what was on their plates. We did not have to tell them off once during breakfast. We then had a little walk along the pier and waterfront before heading home so hubby could prepare the feast. He made a beautiful spread enjoyed by the whole family then him and FIL tidied up the kitchen and did all the dishes. Sitting at work now but looking forward to heading home to my cosy bed and getting up to day 1 of round 2 tomorrow.

Me and my munchkins at breakfast

My flowers

Friday, 10 May 2013

Round 1 Reflections

I have been reflecting today on my results from the last round and thinking about what I want to achieve this round, here is how it looks 

Last Round:
Weight loss – 10.6kg
Percentage weight loss – 11.5%
Measurements – 53cm lost
BMI was 30.4 BMI is now 26.9
Can now run 2.1km/15 minutes non stop

This round I would like to:
Lose 7kg
Get my BMI into the healthy range 18.5-24.9
Increase my running distance to 3.5-5km non stop
Update the blog more often
Fit into a size 12 pair of pants – this is something I cannot remember ever doing in my life. Size 16 is my pants size, well not anymore, I currently reside in a 14 with all my 16’s held up with belts, a 14 is the smallest I can remember ever being able to squeeze my backside into, I am super excited to think that a size 12 is actually a realistic goal that I CAN achieve. My work clothes are all hanging off me and I am in serious need to a trip to the alteration place as buying new suits is just way too expensive

Looking back over everyone’s round 1 reflections I cannot help but feel a bit inspired, we are all now getting over the glitz and glamour of the finale party and getting ready to knuckle down, smash out the next 12 weeks and meet up lighter, stronger & louder than ever before in Adelaide
A quick shout out to my amazing support team who I could not do this without. My girls who keep me honest every day through our FB catch up’s especially Jules, Heather & Megan who understand this process every step of the way. My little angels who ask me every day “mummy are you doing your exercises?’ and most importantly my husband. I could never have done this and continue to do this without his support, he organises our girls so I have the time to go to the gym, he helps with our meals, he asks if I should be having that if I look like I’m about to eat something naughty, he listens to me carry on and on about whatever small achievement I managed that week and to his credit never bitches about the fact I take so much ‘me’ time. He now tells me he loves seeing me walk around in my new outfits – he likes the little dresses best :) and last night he gave me a piggy back....WTF I am too heavy to piggy back....aren’t I???? Well not anymore!!

I will just leave with a few pics from our amazing night at the Melbourne 12WBT finale party. There were supossed to be more but i can't work out how to bloody flip them round the right way

Me with the gorgeous Megs & Heather
Me glammed up post makeover


Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Round 2 here i come

I have decided that i must start writing more things down this round - Here is something i just posted on the forums. This week i will sort out my goals and write down my committment and come back to post them on here. I also need to figure out how to load my pics on here and get blogging regularly. Look out round 2 i'm coming

Western District, Australia
Total posts: 36
OK wow what a ride. Round 1 (my first ever round) done and dusted. LOVE LOVE LOVE this program. Have changed my way of thinking completely, was super lazy before 12wbt now I hate those days that I miss the gym. In the lead up to round 1 I lost some weight by myself, then through pre season and the last 12 weeks I have shed 18kgs. This round I would like to get rid another 7 and then keep on getting fitter, stronger and healthier.
This week between rounds I’ll be revisiting all of the pre season tasks and setting my new goals, focussing on what the next 12 weeks will have in store for me
Good luck to all the newbie’s, this time 12 weeks ago I was one of you, you can do it but you must be committed, do not think that you will be successful in this program if you are not willing to take on the advice from our fearless leader and battle those demons head on
You will 'meet' some amazing inspirational people over the next 12 weeks and hear some truly inspiring stories. I just had the most amazing weekend celebrating with everyone at finale and believe me it is something to use as a reward for the end of round.

Good luck to all xx