Tuesday, 28 May 2013

It's a good day

This has been one crazy week for me. After my head not really being in the game for the last 2-3 weeks I wasn't sure what I could do to find my drive again. I'd had an average few weeks. Average eating. Average exercise. Average weight loss. I needed to shake things up a bit and regain my focus so what I did was book a session with my trainer. It worked! I refound my enthusiasm for exercise and not wanting to undo my hard work knuckled back down with what I am putting in my mouth. I am feeling so much better for it and after talking to friends about how I was feeling they made me see the obvious, no exercise means no endorphins which means no happy hormones. What have I learnt? Next time I am stuck home with a sick child DO NOT use it as an excuse to not be bothered cooking the right foods. I may not be able to get out to gym but I can put on the wii or a DVD and get my exercise done in the lounge room. So after all my rambling how did my week finish? I lost a massive 1.8kg! This now puts me well into the 70's and take my total weight loss to 20.8kg. Never did i think I had the ability to lose 20kg. So now I know I can have a bad week, even a few bad weeks and still come out on top. It's a long slow process but my habits are changing. I just need to keep it up and keep showing my girls how to live a good healthy life
My results from this mornings workout 

My gorgeous girls helping to make meatballs for dinner


  1. Hi I have come across your blog and want to thank you for your inspiration. I need to know that other mums of kids can do this! And your self talk to get yourself out of the inevitable slip ups and 'bad' days is just what I need to hear. I got on board too late for this current round of 12wbt but have just started a Couch to 5 k (laughing as I type as I CAN NOT RUN but I am determined to give it a red hot go) and plan to get on board as soon as Warmups and PreSeasons for next round are announced. In the meantime trying to eat cleaner and cut out junk as well as the C25k. Well done with all your hard work so far you look great in the end of round photos btw. Keep it up and thanks for the encouragement. Have started a blog too to keep me accountable. Just have to fight the little (loud) voice saying 'you cant do it. you wont do it. youre too unfit and lazy and its too hard' . Wish that voice would just bugger on off!

  2. PS Youre blog title of "Doing it for the Kids" really struck home for m. same reason here!

  3. Wow - thank you Michele for your comments. It definitely tough as a full time working mum, but I could not do what I do without the amazing support of my wonderful husband. Good luck with your journey and good luck with the running. It’s so hard to put ourselves first as mothers but it is all worth it in the end.

  4. Fantastic, this was just what I needed to read today, after last week's average effort. Love your work with kids and sometimes it's hard but it will be worth it in the end!