Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Keeping honest day 3

It started well but didn't go quite to plan today. Had my burgen toast for breakfast with my latte and some roasted chickpeas as a snack then my brother showed up and told me he was taking me out for lunch. What a lovely gesture. So my hubby, brother and I enjoyed a lovely tapas lunch. It was awesome I enjoyed every minute. 12wbt bunless burgers for dinner. So no idea again how many calories were consumed today but days like today and yesterday are very rare. Meal planning and shopping list in the agenda tonight ready for grocery shopping and meal prep tomorrow and my double gym session
Weigh in today recorded a 100g gain. I am actually happy with that as I was worried it would be a much larger gain. My head is definitely back in the game so on track for a great week this week :) also did my measurements today and am very excited as I have lost another 2cms from arms but cms lost all over, no sts with cms so that's awesome! 
Catch you all tomorrow :) 

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