Thursday, 27 June 2013

The holiday is over

So I have talked about being in struggle town this winter with some of my 12wbt friends. I'm still not fully Reengaged my head not yet fully switched back into gear but I'm getting there. I'm certainly thinking and acting in a whole different way to the way I was last winter. This time last yer would've seen creamy pastas, lasagnes, heavy curries and all sorts of other comfort, stodgy winter food hitting our table. These days we see calorie controlled pies, casseroles, curries and soups hitting our table. I would never have dreamed about heading out in the cold to slog it out at the freezing gym. I would've donned the trackies and cozied up with a DVD. Gone are the nights of endless bags of chips, huge meals and couch time. I have been so down on myself lately for not matching my round 1 results that I forgot to take stock of the positives and look how far I actually have come. I have lost 3kg so far this round which really doesn't sound like much but I am much closer to goal now (whatever that may be) so of course I'm not going to pull the 10kg I pulled last round. I am still 20kg lighter than I was 6 months ago. I am fitter than I can ever remember being....ever and my mindset HAS changed.
Hubby and I just came back from a few days in Sydney visiting my dad with the munchkins and although I did go into kinda holiday mode it was nothing like it would've looked 12months ago. I think I had 3 drinks the whole time. We did eat out a lot and I did indulge, I probably didn't need the cupcake I had at the airport but for every bad choice there was a good choice. Food court lunch- sumo salad so I was prepared for naughty dinner. Movies - 1 small packet of byo popcorn. Pizza for dinner- just a couple of slices for me bulked out with salad. Walk walk walk walk walk everywhere. Took stairs instead if escalators every chance I could. For the first time in my life I packed my gym gear with the intention of using it and I DID hit the hotel gym!!!! The result? I gained 800gm this week. Let me tell you a year ago a few days in Sydney would've looked lore like 3-5kg gained. Most of it is already gone. I came home and hit the books planning meals and shopping lists and starting to get organised again. It's time to focus on the positive changes i have made in my life the last few months and stop dwelling on the times where I slip up. I am human! I have a life! For every bad food decision there are 5 good ones! For me and everyone else on this journey lets not be so hard on ourselves. Think about how life would've been 12 months ago. I'll bet it looked a lot different.
Blurry but proof of my holiday workout

Sunday, 16 June 2013

The downside of weight loss

I thought the week that just passed was just another week, nothing really to report. My mood improved and I was more consistent but I just sat down to really give it some thought and it wasn’t just another week I did hit some milestones this week which is great this far into the game

1.       I hit a PB on the treadmill. I ran the furthest distance and for the longest time I have ever ran in my life. It might not sound like much to some but as someone who has NEVER been capable of running it is a big deal. I made it to 3km and it took me 21 minutes. Previously I have only ever made to 2.2km and 15 minutes so I was VERY excited

2.       Tried on a size 12 pair of pants.....THEY FIT ME!!!! Never in my adult life can I remember a time where I fit into anything smaller than a 14!  I was absolutely gobsmacked, I stood there in shock. I envisaged this day to be a squeal of delight followed by a happy dance but instead I stood there non believing in total shock....I didn’t buy the pants though, they weren’t part of the sale and I refuse to pay full price for anything  J
3.       We went out for dinner with friends Friday night, my brain must finally be learning how to deal with life as when I went to the gym that morning I stayed a bit longer to make sure I burned extra calories ready for the night ahead
My post is called the downside of weight loss though, so far all positive, so what is this downside??? We spent some time with my husband’s family this weekend and although they say oh my god you are doing so well, I heard quite a few times over the 2 days the comments I know a lot of you have heard before.....’Don’t lose too much’, ‘you can’t have much more to go’, ‘don’t take it too far’.... I’m sure these comments aren’t made to be intentionally negative but they really pissed me off. My weight is still in the overweight section of the healthy weight chart; my BMI is still in the overweight section so YES I do still have more work to do! Yes I am going to lose more, not another 20kg but there will be some more weight and cms gone in the future. This for me is not about becoming a stick thin model, it is about becoming healthy! My husband’s family have only ever known me as overweight so now that I am approaching a healthy weight to them I look too slim. Every time someone asked me how much more I was going to lose I just told them I didn’t know, explained that I would continue eating well and exercising and see where my body settles, they seemed to be happy with this response but why should I have to justify my choice to be healthy? I am sure I am not the only one that has had to deal with these sorts of comments and I would be interested to hear how you have dealt with any comments that have come in your direction.
OK rant over, moving on... this week is my week where I always struggle. Hubby is on the road so I am in single mum territory, there will be no time to hit the gym so I will need to make sure I stay on track with what goes in my mouth and turn the wii zumba on in the evening to get some exercise done. At the end of the week we head to Sydney for a few days so I also need to make sure I skip the excuses and make it into the hotel gym before we head out each day, forward planning is what will make the upcoming minibreak a success 
Wishing everyone a great week

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Leaving Funk Town

I haven’t checked in for a few days and let me tell you what happened n those few days.....the wheels fell off and I landed directly in funk town

I have been struggling the last few weeks; I have had the CBF pants on, I haven’t been to the gym much, I have eaten all the wrong foods on too many days, yesterday all I wanted to do was cry and I look around me and it seems there are many people in the same boat at the moment. I don’t know what it is, is there something in the air, is it the lunar cycle, are we all just feeding off one another’s moods (even though we don’t actually see each other in person, just on line)??? Not sure but you want to know the other thing we all have in common??? We are breaking out of our funk, this week seems to be a turning point for all those that I know who have been struggling these past few weeks, we all seem to have given ourselves a boot up the ass and refocussed, we are recommitting, ramping up the exercise and looking at what we are putting in our mouths

For me this week was a 300g gain, so in the last 2 weeks I have gained 400g. How does that happen, well its nights like one night last week where I had pizza, wine and chocolate for dinner, did that help my mood? No.. in fact the day following that was the day where all I wanted to do was cry. I deserve that 400g, in fact I deserve more but it’s ok! We are human, we will all have days, weeks where we will slip up, we just have to remind ourselves that it is not a race I am still 20.5kg lighter than when I started I have not undone all of my hard work. I have refocussed and had 2 perfect days of eating, been to the gym 2 days running and got myself into a much better mind frame. Those wheels that fell off are now well and truly back on, I’m sure there will be a day when they will fall off again but I will just have to be careful to make sure I stop the car, get out and fix them again

So to all my friends on their way out of funk town, I’m with you. Let’s roll on and continue, these few weeks will be but a tiny blip on the radar, I’m sure by the time we reach our goals we won’t even remember being here in funk town
I'm outta here

Friday, 7 June 2013

Keeping Honest day 5

Well today was interesting, another day where a spanner was thrown in the works so I have had to bend and flex to suit the situation. I had plans to hit the gym this morning, I was even dressed ready, then....TMI alert.....I had to bolt for the toilet so with a funny tummy I did not like the sound of lifting weights and running on treadmill, you know, just in case.... so I continued with my day, dropped the girls at day care and came home to prepare what would be the family dinner while I was at work, one of the new 12wbt recipes of leek & chicken pie. Only when serving my lunch pie up to myself did I realise that I had left out the cream, whoops, also in the process I broke the garlic crusher so its leek and chicken pie with no cream and no garlic...still tastes good though :) Then I got to work with my packed frozen 12wbt dinner to find I am on shift by myself for the night due to a receptionist calling in sick. This means I haven’t been able to get down to the staff room to reheat what was supposed to be my dinner. Thankfully I always have snacks on hand in my desk so I have snacked during check ins to try and cover the fact that I have not had a real dinner :( So as you can see it is not ideal but here is my day in food:

Latte – 90cals
Burgen toast x1 slice with vegemite & light marg 117cals
Chick & leek pie 281cals
Wholemeal crispbread 117cals
Chive & onion philly 69cals
Strawberry chobani 142cals
Rice crackers – seaweed 94cals
Pumpkin & harrissa hummus 50cals
Turkish delight 49cals
Crinkle bakes 84cals
Total 1093

There’s no guarantee though that I won’t now go home and have a piece of dark chocolate with a green tea to wind down from this night of hell at work, maybe that’ll put me around my 1200cals for the day and MFP wont yell at me for not eating enough today :)

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Keeping honest day 4

I am exhausted! I made it through my double gym session alive :)

Here are the results :) 

This is my biggest longest session EVER. It's really not pretty once it's all over

Red faced and buggered after my marathon session 

Mum ended up coming for a visit today. Haven't seen her for about a month and she wanted to go out for lunch. I made good choices though so as not to undo my hard work. Here is today's food:
Latte 90cals
Pana de casa toast with vegemite 65cals
Pineapple chobani 160cals
Ham hock and veggie soup 250cals
Bread with soup 83cals
Latte 80cals
Bunless burger 325cals
Cruskits with choc Philly 167cals
Green tea

Total 1230cals

Bring on tomorrow

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Keeping honest day 3

It started well but didn't go quite to plan today. Had my burgen toast for breakfast with my latte and some roasted chickpeas as a snack then my brother showed up and told me he was taking me out for lunch. What a lovely gesture. So my hubby, brother and I enjoyed a lovely tapas lunch. It was awesome I enjoyed every minute. 12wbt bunless burgers for dinner. So no idea again how many calories were consumed today but days like today and yesterday are very rare. Meal planning and shopping list in the agenda tonight ready for grocery shopping and meal prep tomorrow and my double gym session
Weigh in today recorded a 100g gain. I am actually happy with that as I was worried it would be a much larger gain. My head is definitely back in the game so on track for a great week this week :) also did my measurements today and am very excited as I have lost another 2cms from arms but cms lost all over, no sts with cms so that's awesome! 
Catch you all tomorrow :) 

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Keeping honest day 2

Righto so not as great today as yesterday the famil i attended with work put on food/dinner for us so did my best and really not sure how many calories were really consumed? Good news is i'll be in the gym tomorrow and I'm off work so I get to plan and prepare all of my food myself. 
Cranberry strawberry oats 132cals
Latte 90cals
Chobani peach 140
Leftover stroganoff 322cals
Apple 100cals
Lindt dark strawberry 100cals
Famil - calories unknown - 500cals
Total 1383 cals

Monday, 3 June 2013

Keeping me honest day 1

As promised this morning here is my day:
Skim latte 90cals
Chobani strawberry 142cals
Lentil soup 223cals
Wholemeal crisp bread 117cals
Chive and onion Philly  69cals
Granny Smith apple 100 cals
Cajun pork with coleslaw 292cals
And I'm about to go get a green tea and some dark choc for 134cals
Grand total 1167cals

Exercise? Yep went to gym after work 

Ok bring on tomorrow lets see if my mojo is keen to hang around :) 

Sunday, 2 June 2013

The Plan

I came up with a plan while in the shower, it is where I do all my best thinking :)  I am on track this week for a gain, now I could use the old TTOM is coming speech.....but I do need to take responsibility. I have been unwell this week so since WI on Wed I have only been to the gym once or twice, I have indulged in a few items which have taken me well over my calorie limit and while I enjoyed it at the time I don’t now enjoy the results of these actions. So here’s the plan; I am going to come here every day and report in with my calorie intake EVERY single thing that passes my lips will be tracked through my fitness pal but I will also come here at the end of each day and own up to my day, good or bad, I will write down my daily menu. I will also come in and report my calories burned in from my gym sessions, my aim is 500cals per session. Every week we are supposed to do a SSS (Super Saturday Session) now you don’t have to do this on a Saturday you just do it on the best day for you in your week. What it means is a 1.5-2 hour session with an aim to burn 1000 calories; I have NEVER done a SSS so I also have a goal this week to complete a SSS. I have the day off on Thursday so I plan on doing this for the first time on Thursday. Here is how the week should look

Monday – Work on early shift. Gym after work

Tuesday – Work, after work I have a famil then home to cook dinner do washing etc – no gym today just need to keep to 1200cals

Wednesday – Day off – Day care drop off then gym, hair appointment and possibility of coming into work for budget presentation

Thursday – Day off – SSS

Friday – work late shift – gym before work

Saturday – Work late shift, gym 1st thing in morning, few hours with family before work

Sunday – work 8-4 shift – rest day

Feel free to come back and check up on me, feel free to comment if I’ve not living up to my commitment. Righto I’m off to smash week 4 :)