Saturday, 23 February 2013

I AM doing it!!

Yesterday I sat down to catch up on some blogs that I read. I was reading all about my friend’s husband and his recent success with his first fun run. While reading it I was thinking to myself WOW they are doing so well. Both my friend and her husband have turned their lives around, lost a massive amount of weight are getting fit and healthy and being the best possible role models for their children. Their blogs highlight that it is not an easy fix but it takes hard work every single day to keep the balance, I found myself thinking ‘gee I wish I could be like them and do what they’re doing’. It wasn’t until later in the day that I realised... I AM doing what they are doing, I AM being like them, I HAVE improved my eating habits I AM working on my fitness levels and I AM becoming a better role model for my children, They started their transformation 9 months before me so I WILL get to the stage they are at in their journey with hard work and dedication. I am at the beginning of my transformation, in 9 months time I will be able to blog about my great finishing time for fun runs, right now I can’t even run for a full kilometre but in 9 months time I will be able to finish Geelong run for the kids a 5km fun run, maybe the following year I will be one of those crazy fit people that enrol for the 12km??


Thanks Jules and Greg for inspiring me simply by trying to improve your lives xx

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Learning to say NO

Well entering the second full week of 12WBT and i was super excited with my week 2 weigh in and a loss of 2.1kg. The day before i had one of those days where i wanted to eat everything in sight. I didn't do what i would have done in the past by scoffing a whole packet of chips followed by everything else in the pantry but i did have a handful of pringles and a small amount of chocolate. Then yesterday i had a very social day, visited a close friend of mine and her new baby. A chocolate hot cross bun was offered - i was starving so i ate it...not with butter but still A CHOCOLATE HOT CROSS BUN.... what was i thinking??? Then to my sister in laws for lunch, she is following weight watchers and thought she was giving me a nice healthy lunch chicken and salad rolls - All the bread was white :( I had a toasted Turkish bread - i probably should have only eaten half, but i ate it ALL - then felt extremely full so refused any of the fruit that came out afterwards. I guess this in itself is a lesson - i may have no control over what i am served but i do have control over how much of it i eat. My 2 days of bad choices have shown up on the scales this morning with a 1.2kg gain!!! So in order to track a great loss this week i need to get my ass moving, make proper food choices and resist temptations that are put in front of me.

Funnily enough this weeks lesson was about flexing that willpower muscle - i need to take that on board and be more prepared next time i have a social day planned

A fitting quote from Steve Jobs

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Welcome to the world of blogging

Not really sure how I go about starting this?? I am on a new journey in my life having recently joined up to the 12WBT program - round one for 2013. Some friends of mine have found that blogging helps them to keep honest about their journey. I find that I am more honest and communicate better when writing rather than talking, so here I am!

I am a mother of twin girls, I have an amazing supportive husband and I work full time managing a hotel front desk which means balancing my home life with some very crazy work hours.

I joined 12WBT after realising that I was not living a healthy life. I was eating OK but my portions were much too big, I never exercised and my clothes were getting tight! Before joining 12WBT I managed to lose 6.5kg on my own, my aim is to now get fit & healthy, find my ideal goal weight and stay there, and become a positive role model for my little girls

Pre season saw me eliminate coffee, alcohol (except for my friend’s wedding) and soft drink from my diet. This week I am a bit moody and headachy which is to be expected but I will push on and before I know it the headaches will be gone as will some bad habits

We have always been big on getting in the kitchen and making new recipes most days so following the meal plan for us has been great. We find child friendly meals for the weekends and get the girls involved in the cooking too. This afternoon we planted a new herb garden to keep up with all the fresh herbs the 12WBT recipes require. After mentioning to my husband that I wasn’t doing enough exercise he pushed me out of the house this morning to go and do some

True - but it helps that i have such great support too

I am looking forward to seeing what this round brings me; I know I have already started looking at food and exercise differently and I’m excited to see what the future holds 

Now off to figure out how to get all my pics etc uploaded J