Monday, 18 March 2013

I'm getting there....

I have just been having a little look at my recent results and just felt the need to put down in black and white just how far I’ve come in 3 short months.

·         Since I started getting healthy I have lost almost 14kg & have 6kg to go to reach my first major milestone of being back at my pre wedding weight. This will be the lightest I remember seeing the scales at. I know in the lead up to my wedding I lost 7kg so that means I am now very much at my pre baby and pre wedding weight loss weight. OMG!

·         My BMI says I am in the overweight range, what I did not realise is that before losing weight I was in the OBESE range. I knew I needed to get fit, healthy and drop a few kg’s but OBESE, oh dear, not long now and I will be in the HEALTHY weight range

·         4 weeks since starting 12WBT I’ve lost 24cms from my body

·         I have gone from being a girl that never exercises to one who gets a bit cranky and feels like a sloth if I don’t get some exercise done! I joined the gym just 3 weeks ago and am LOVING it. I love testing myself to see how many calories I can push out through my workout program. I have some very close ‘virtual’ girlfriends who must be sick of me posting to them each day how many calories I burnt since I discovered the gym and a HRM but it is a way to challenge myself and keep accountable

·         My husband gave a cuddle last night and said – it feels like there is less of you, I just smiled and said I hope so

·         My daughters look at me strapping on my runners and ask me ‘mummy are you going to do your exercise?’ I love that they can now see exercise is a normal everyday part of life

·         A guy I work with this week told me I was fading away – he said this as a compliment

·         My ‘work husband’ told me today he could see a big difference and hadn’t realised how tiny my waist was

All of the above has just really hit home for me today that I am actually doing it. I am making a difference to my health, my body, how others see me & I’m making plenty of people a bit envious of all the yummy food I keep brining into work for my lunches and dinners

Now here’s the bit that must be done to ensure I don’t go back to my old ways. I must continue eating clean, continue loving exercise, continue panning ahead, continue appreciating the support of my friends and family, continue thinking about the example I am setting for the 2 most important people in my life & continue loving what I am doing

I am living a fitter, healthier stronger life but the fittest, healthiest, strongest version of me is still to this space

My realisation - i am actually doing this

Monday, 4 March 2013


Well it’s a day of achievements. Took the plunge and joined a gym...No fancy gym full of classes, just a gym. It has workout machines, TV screens, music and trainers that’s it. My trainer actually used to train me years ago, before children back when I used to be semi fit and he remembered me J So Tony put me through my paces this morning, unfortunately my HRM played up on me so no idea how many calories I managed to burn, but I do know I’m struggling to walk this afternoon. Straight back to it tomorrow 9.30am appointment to develop my training program then I should be up and running and on track with not only my eating but the big demon of mine....exercise. I am feeling so pumped about it, YAY

Win number 2 today, a suit that has sat in the back of my wardrobe for 18 months. A beautiful chocolate coloured, well cut suit that has NEVER been worn finally fit me today...enter super excited happy dance
I am feeling like I am finally starting to get somewhere with this life change of mine and a healthy happy mummy is not far away for my little girls

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Back on the Wagon


Wow what a busy week, and a busy week doesn’t make for a good weight loss. Thursday I was out for dinner with friends, they chose to go to the WORST option for me....Indian! I pre planned my meal & stuck to my guns ordering only what I had planned on ordering. Also in a world first for me dining in an Indian restaurant – I did not finish my meal! I knew I had enough so I stopped eating.

Day 2 of disaster....Soundwave, an awesome day of music and sun but not so user friendly for those watching their food intake. I didn’t do too badly as I had packed snacks. I had 2 sushi rolls for lunch and 2 steamed pork buns for dinner. The problems came on the way home from the festival. Tired and hungry and in desperate need of a toilet we pulled into McDonalds and disaster struck – I happily tucked into a cheeseburger and some chips. I could not drink the soft drink it tasted disgusting. Then the next day I felt hungover. I did not drink any alcohol and I drank plenty of water. The only thing I can think of is that bloody cheeseburger. Note to self: do not eat the crap food no matter how hungry; you will feel crap the next day!

Day 3 – Saturday. My husband Grandpa’s birthday and we head out for lunch. My food was probably not too bad. A steak with salad....but my girls had fish & chips and I did eat a few chips....and a potato cake. Back to their place for coffee and cake, I could’ve said no...But instead I sat there and had a small piece of birthday cake. Husband said to me later that it had really frustrated him that I said yes to the cake....I could’ve said NO, like he said I knew I’d had a bad few days and my brain clicked into old Sarah mode...’well you’ve written this week off already with the bad eating, what’s one more going to hurt?’ Well that’s it, no more! We had a 12WBT dinner to get straight back on track (even though I couldn’t be bothered cooking) and I am back to work today and back into routine. Old Sarah would’ve had said F$#K it might as well get take away for dinner too after the day I’ve just had, I probably would’ve kept going the next day too and started that vicious cycle all over again. Instead we got straight back into the groove with dinner and that has set me up to keep going
Now it seems I have eating under control (most of the time) so someone please turn on my love for exercise so I can up the Ante there and get fit too
This is what i need to Change