Tuesday, 2 July 2013


Well today was proof that my mindset has definitely changed. TTOM has hit me, sore back, sore tummy, headache, cranky pants and really just couldn't be bothered. So on a day that in the past would've called for trackies, chocolate and a DVD, I instead pulled on my runners and hit the gym! (Cue gym selfie)

Tomorrow is hubby's birthday, I was supposed to work but have managed to get a day in lieu approved so I'm baking a MB approved cake. The in laws are coming over to make hubby's fave dinner, lamb roast (yuck), so I'll have a plate of veggies or defrost a frozen 12wbt meal then we can tuck into guilt free cake after dinner :) not sure if I'll make it to gym as the dishwasher repair man is coming in the morning and the cake won't make itself so it just depends how that all pans out if I have time? I can always do extra in Thursdays session if need be. Oh how the times have changed, planning gym sessions so I can indulge in cake :) Friday will need to be a SSS as that is the night we hit the town to celebrate properly....stay tuned 

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