Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Round 2 here i come

I have decided that i must start writing more things down this round - Here is something i just posted on the forums. This week i will sort out my goals and write down my committment and come back to post them on here. I also need to figure out how to load my pics on here and get blogging regularly. Look out round 2 i'm coming

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OK wow what a ride. Round 1 (my first ever round) done and dusted. LOVE LOVE LOVE this program. Have changed my way of thinking completely, was super lazy before 12wbt now I hate those days that I miss the gym. In the lead up to round 1 I lost some weight by myself, then through pre season and the last 12 weeks I have shed 18kgs. This round I would like to get rid another 7 and then keep on getting fitter, stronger and healthier.
This week between rounds I’ll be revisiting all of the pre season tasks and setting my new goals, focussing on what the next 12 weeks will have in store for me
Good luck to all the newbie’s, this time 12 weeks ago I was one of you, you can do it but you must be committed, do not think that you will be successful in this program if you are not willing to take on the advice from our fearless leader and battle those demons head on
You will 'meet' some amazing inspirational people over the next 12 weeks and hear some truly inspiring stories. I just had the most amazing weekend celebrating with everyone at finale and believe me it is something to use as a reward for the end of round.

Good luck to all xx

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