Monday, 27 May 2013

I'm living in the 70's

OMG! Wow! I didn't really think I could do it. After losing 19kg I still can't convince myself I am capable of reaching my goals. But guess what happened to me today? I made it back to the 70's

Please excuse my unpolished toes :) 

It's been 7 years since I saw those numbers. The day I got married is the last time I remember being in the 70's. My boozy, eat what you want honeymoon certainly saw me come home in the 80's never to return....until now! 

Never did I think that after 7 years of neglect and giving birth to twins could this body return to it where it was all those years ago, yet here I am.

Now what? I am on a mission to get to 75kg. 75kg is a weight I can not remember ever being. I know I must've been there once i just don't know how long ago. For now 75kg is my goal. Once I get there I will assess how everything is looking and see if I am going to push a bit further or settle there? It'd be really nice to be able to get this ass into a size 12 pair of pants, that's also something I cannot remember ever being able to do so i'm not sure what weight I will need to sit at to achieve size 12 greatness?

So there we have it. 1 goal smashed today, I am in the 70's. Hopefully this week goal number 2 will eventuate and I'll take my total weight loss total to 20kg, then I'll come hunting down the final 2 goals. 

Didn't think I could do this and have now proven myself wrong. Time to keep proving myself wrong!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! That's so great. I hope that you are feeling motivated and ready to get down to 75kg!

  2. You are killing it Sez!!! Go you good thing! 75 here you come!