Friday, 10 May 2013

Round 1 Reflections

I have been reflecting today on my results from the last round and thinking about what I want to achieve this round, here is how it looks 

Last Round:
Weight loss – 10.6kg
Percentage weight loss – 11.5%
Measurements – 53cm lost
BMI was 30.4 BMI is now 26.9
Can now run 2.1km/15 minutes non stop

This round I would like to:
Lose 7kg
Get my BMI into the healthy range 18.5-24.9
Increase my running distance to 3.5-5km non stop
Update the blog more often
Fit into a size 12 pair of pants – this is something I cannot remember ever doing in my life. Size 16 is my pants size, well not anymore, I currently reside in a 14 with all my 16’s held up with belts, a 14 is the smallest I can remember ever being able to squeeze my backside into, I am super excited to think that a size 12 is actually a realistic goal that I CAN achieve. My work clothes are all hanging off me and I am in serious need to a trip to the alteration place as buying new suits is just way too expensive

Looking back over everyone’s round 1 reflections I cannot help but feel a bit inspired, we are all now getting over the glitz and glamour of the finale party and getting ready to knuckle down, smash out the next 12 weeks and meet up lighter, stronger & louder than ever before in Adelaide
A quick shout out to my amazing support team who I could not do this without. My girls who keep me honest every day through our FB catch up’s especially Jules, Heather & Megan who understand this process every step of the way. My little angels who ask me every day “mummy are you doing your exercises?’ and most importantly my husband. I could never have done this and continue to do this without his support, he organises our girls so I have the time to go to the gym, he helps with our meals, he asks if I should be having that if I look like I’m about to eat something naughty, he listens to me carry on and on about whatever small achievement I managed that week and to his credit never bitches about the fact I take so much ‘me’ time. He now tells me he loves seeing me walk around in my new outfits – he likes the little dresses best :) and last night he gave me a piggy back....WTF I am too heavy to piggy back....aren’t I???? Well not anymore!!

I will just leave with a few pics from our amazing night at the Melbourne 12WBT finale party. There were supossed to be more but i can't work out how to bloody flip them round the right way

Me with the gorgeous Megs & Heather
Me glammed up post makeover


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