Monday, 20 May 2013

Diary of a Saboteur

There's this girl I know and she's been a real bitch just lately. She knows how hard I've been working and how close I am to getting to my 20kg goal and breaking into the 70's yet she is constantly trying to talk me into having some chocolate or chips or tells me how a delicious muffin with my coffee won't hurt. I haven't been able to go to gym for a week due to work, sick children and various other commitments and when I reflect on this the girl tells me it'll be ok, it's just one week and as I've been working so hard I deserve the week off. 
Yesterday morning I weighed in at 80.0kg just 100g to cracking into 70's. yesterday I listened to the girl and ate a few of the bad things I've been working so hard to avoid. Today I weighed in at 80.4kg so in protest I went out and had that muffin with my coffee. What did it matter? I'd already blown it for cracking 70's might as well keep going. Once i'd finished consuming half my daily calorie allowance in 1 sitting I sat back, feeling slightly ill and reflected. One bad day does not undo months of hard work. In 2 days my life will return to the normal routine and i'll be able to go back to my daily gym routine. It hasn't all been a waste, a few more days and I will crack the 70's. 
I have since come home and had a good long talk with that girl about my commitment to myself. I have asked her to understand that I need to do this in order for me to be a healthy mum, a healthy role model for my children and a happy wife for my husband. I think I have made her see reason and I think she will back off a bit now and let me do what I need to do to achieve the goals I have set for myself. If she starts at me again trying to sabotage all my hard work I will return to the bathroom, look into that mirror and have another good long talk with that girl.

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  1. Love it, but be careful talking about yourself in the third person, it can become a bad habit.....