Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Feeling the burn!

Day 3 of ab challenge and its starting to hurt. I don't do anything ab related at the gym so even though today was only 25 sit ups 10 crunches 10 leg raises and a 15 second plank it is starting to get hard! Tomorrow is a rest day then back to it on Thursday. I will go to gym tomorrow after work but I have discovered this week I am a morning exerciser. Went to gym on my way home from work last night and it was one of the hardest sessions I have done. I was already tired from working all day and mentally drained. Then towards the end of my session I felt like throwing up! I was doing a session I have done a million times before and usually power through but when I exercise in the morning I don't eat breakfast until after my session, 1 piece if toast is all I eat if I eat anything before exercise and that is about 2 hours before I set foot in gym. I think maybe lunch was too close to my afternoon session :( ah well, will have to remember to not have a big lunch tomorrow. 
I am currently looking for a new job, hopefully one with 'normal' hours. When I land said job I have decided to be 'one if those people', you know the ones? They get up at 6am even though they don't really have to be up for work until 730, then they head out in the cold, dark morning and then the mad people exercise! For an hour! Before work! Yep, we'll I've decided that I'm going to become one if them, and you know what? I'm actually a little but excited about it. 

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