Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Finale - the aftermath

OK so a long time between posts again and a lot has happened……where to start????

10km run? Done! Woke up on the day like it was my first day at school, I was so nervous, silly really as all I was doing was going for a run but I guess the fear of the unknown kicked in. After only managing to run 4.2km in the lead up to the event after being out of training for 5 weeks with my illness and a previous PB of 7.2km I was really worried I would not be able to make the distance. We arrived to the start line to meet up with my running buddy, Greg, in the freezing cold windy weather, then down came the rain, great conditions for my first run. The rain cleared in time for us to set off and before I knew it we were off and running. We set off slow and steady, I was not there to win any speed records I just wanted to finish & if possible, finish without stopping or walking. The course was 2x 5km laps around Serendip Sanctuary, the crazy young, fit people came past us for their second lap at the 4km mark. I did not let them bother me I just kept telling myself that I was not in a race I was just there to prove to myself that I could do this! One foot in front of the other, just keep going. Greg was up for a chat like we were in a café catching up for coffee, it was great to keep my mind off what I was doing, I just kept plodding along while listening to him talk, giving one syllable answers when needed. Come the 8km mark & having smashed my PB I told him it was time to stop talking so I could concentrate on getting y body to finish what I started. I battled a couple of stitches through the run, I just kept breathing, focused on my breathing and battled through them. After coming around the last corner, on the straight to the finishing line the best sight in the world was waiting for me, my hubby and our 2 little girls. I held out my hand to them and my babies ran with me over the finishing line! I was stoked! I did it! 10km, nonstop. My finishing time was 01:18:23. I had previously tried to work out my pace and was aiming for 01:15 so to come in only 3mins over my goal I was really happy.

Big shout out to all my supporters, Kate Beck for sending me a novel to read through with tips on overcoming my doubts, you were in my head through a lot of the run and your support means the world,  to Greg for giving me no end of tips in the lead up and for being there on the day to run with me and encourage me to finish & for listening to my barrage of questions and doubts & for being like a big brother and not being afraid to give me a kick up the ass when I needed it, to my baby girls for coming to support mummy, for running over the finish line with me and helping me with my stretches afterwards and finally to Ben, my amazing husband who has never let me doubt myself, always there with positive words and support and for keeping the girls occupied for the hour or so I was running so they could cheer me over the finish line, for holding the fort at home so I could go out and train, for listening to hours of my rambling about how I made an extra few metres today and for allowing me to put myself first in my mission to get fit and healthy, could not do this without you babe xx
Next? 12km Run Geelong this weekend, same doubts are creeping in but I am just telling myself that I have done the 10 so I CAN do the 12. This time I have to go it alone as Greg is off to ride 200km in one weekend through Auckland in a mission to raise funds for cancer research .

Coming to the finish

Check out my learners plate

Since my last post I have also had an awesome weekend in Sydney celebrating the end of 12WBT round 3 for 2013. Although I didn’t participate this round I had a great group of friends that were all going to Sydney from all over Australia so of course I couldn’t miss it. Again that amazing husband of mine stayed home to look after the girls and hold the fort at home so I could go out to play. I flew in on Thursday morning and met up with the amazing Jules, our Sydney local, Megan played chauffeur and dropped us off to wander around the shops for a bit, next stop back to the airport to pick up Perth local Heather then off we went to check into our hotel. I left the girls and went to have dinner with my dad who lives in Sydney and in the meantime Queenslander Sarah flew in. Friday saw the arrival of another Queenslander, Wendy, Canberra girl Jess & the lovely Paula fromWagga Wagga. 8 girls from all over the country, how could I miss that?? For those of you that know Greg Friday turned into his day of pain, we took him off to the waxers to have his leg hair ripped out thanks to a fundraising challenge, downside? He didn’t flinch :( Plenty of food and drinking ensued on Friday and then crashed into bed. Saturday morning the girls were all participating in the 12WBT group workout. Greg and I had committed to going for a run instead, can you say struggle???? Note to self, do not drink & run – we made it to 3km before we had to stop and go on a hunt for coffee. Then off to watch the workout. Wandered around the shops with the girls after a quick shower and before we knew it, it was time to get ourselves to hair and makeup and head off to the party. We had an awesome night, catching up with fellow 12WBTers that we only ever see at these events, meeting people in the flesh who we had only ever met in the virtual world & also catching up with each other who we only see maybe once a year. It’s a shame that there will be no more finale parties but I’m sure we will find or own way to celebrate the end of future rounds.

Round 4! I decided over the Sydney weekend that I would join round 4, just had to decide which program, it was always going to be one of the running programs given my new hobby, but which one? Greg had asked me previously to run the Geelong half marathon with him, that sounded like the scariest proposition in the world 6 months ago but believe it or not I have signed up for the half marathon program and plan on registering for the Geelong event which will be held in April. I haven’t yet had a good chance to look at the program but once Run Geelong is over I will get stuck in. So there you have it, my last few weeks in a nutshell. I will try to do a better job of keeping the blog updated, but I cannot make any promises :) Until next time, have fun x

Heather, Sarah, Me, Megan


All frocked up
My first pair of shorts
Mid run coffee

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