Monday, 18 March 2013

I'm getting there....

I have just been having a little look at my recent results and just felt the need to put down in black and white just how far I’ve come in 3 short months.

·         Since I started getting healthy I have lost almost 14kg & have 6kg to go to reach my first major milestone of being back at my pre wedding weight. This will be the lightest I remember seeing the scales at. I know in the lead up to my wedding I lost 7kg so that means I am now very much at my pre baby and pre wedding weight loss weight. OMG!

·         My BMI says I am in the overweight range, what I did not realise is that before losing weight I was in the OBESE range. I knew I needed to get fit, healthy and drop a few kg’s but OBESE, oh dear, not long now and I will be in the HEALTHY weight range

·         4 weeks since starting 12WBT I’ve lost 24cms from my body

·         I have gone from being a girl that never exercises to one who gets a bit cranky and feels like a sloth if I don’t get some exercise done! I joined the gym just 3 weeks ago and am LOVING it. I love testing myself to see how many calories I can push out through my workout program. I have some very close ‘virtual’ girlfriends who must be sick of me posting to them each day how many calories I burnt since I discovered the gym and a HRM but it is a way to challenge myself and keep accountable

·         My husband gave a cuddle last night and said – it feels like there is less of you, I just smiled and said I hope so

·         My daughters look at me strapping on my runners and ask me ‘mummy are you going to do your exercise?’ I love that they can now see exercise is a normal everyday part of life

·         A guy I work with this week told me I was fading away – he said this as a compliment

·         My ‘work husband’ told me today he could see a big difference and hadn’t realised how tiny my waist was

All of the above has just really hit home for me today that I am actually doing it. I am making a difference to my health, my body, how others see me & I’m making plenty of people a bit envious of all the yummy food I keep brining into work for my lunches and dinners

Now here’s the bit that must be done to ensure I don’t go back to my old ways. I must continue eating clean, continue loving exercise, continue panning ahead, continue appreciating the support of my friends and family, continue thinking about the example I am setting for the 2 most important people in my life & continue loving what I am doing

I am living a fitter, healthier stronger life but the fittest, healthiest, strongest version of me is still to this space

My realisation - i am actually doing this

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