Monday, 4 March 2013


Well it’s a day of achievements. Took the plunge and joined a gym...No fancy gym full of classes, just a gym. It has workout machines, TV screens, music and trainers that’s it. My trainer actually used to train me years ago, before children back when I used to be semi fit and he remembered me J So Tony put me through my paces this morning, unfortunately my HRM played up on me so no idea how many calories I managed to burn, but I do know I’m struggling to walk this afternoon. Straight back to it tomorrow 9.30am appointment to develop my training program then I should be up and running and on track with not only my eating but the big demon of mine....exercise. I am feeling so pumped about it, YAY

Win number 2 today, a suit that has sat in the back of my wardrobe for 18 months. A beautiful chocolate coloured, well cut suit that has NEVER been worn finally fit me today...enter super excited happy dance
I am feeling like I am finally starting to get somewhere with this life change of mine and a healthy happy mummy is not far away for my little girls

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