Thursday, 3 October 2013

Missing Exercise

I can’t believe how different I am to the girl I was 1 year ago. Please excuse me if this post does not make sense. I have been suffering from constant lightheadedness for the past week and a half and it means I can’t concentrate well. It is because of this that it has also been 9 days since I last exercised! I am really struggling with this, I see someone out running and I get jealous! Exercise or running to me a year ago were dirty words now I am absolutely craving exercise and it is killing me that I can’t go out and join in. I saw a doctor on Wednesday who couldn’t find anything physically wrong with me, I had blood taken and I get the results from the blood tests this afternoon, I am really hoping they can shed some light on what is going on so I can get it fixed and get on with it. The 10km and 12km events I have coming up are not going to run themselves, I need to get out there and keep training for them. 

I wish - come on head, get better
If the blood tests don’t show anything I might go and see an Osteo and get them to check my body is all how it should be, maybe my mixing up of the training schedule last week has caused some sort of shift within me that my head is just not happy with? If anyone has any other ideas or has had similar issues with lightheadedness feel free to share, I just want to feel normal again. In the meantime I’ll try not to undo all my good work, I have been letting a few extra treats sneak in but so far the scales are stable. I have a dress on the way, my hotel & flights booked & today my ticket is being purchased for 12WBT finale party, just need to stay in control so the dress still fits me in a few weeks time. Fingers crossed for some answers this afternoon so I can get back out and pound that pavement, at the same time I know I must be patient and wait for my head to sort itself out, pushing myself with exercise may cause more damage, anyone that knows me knows that patience is not a key strength for me, this is going to be tough   

I must be patient and wait for answers

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