Sunday, 22 September 2013

Must be prepared

I am so annoyed – I just wrote a nice big post and somehow deleted it…OK I will start again

Today is day one of the new plan, I thought I was so organized last night, went to bed feeling very proud of myself. Got up when my alarm went off, snuck out of my room so as not to disturb sleeping hubby to get into my gym gear which I had laid out last night in the lounge ready to throw on and walk out the door. Mornings are cold though, where’s my jumper? In my room, sneak back in to quickly & quietly grab my jumper but dog decides to follow me in, has a big shake once in our room, FFS, if hubby was still asleep, he won’t be anymore! Sneak back out of room quietly closing door behind me and kick dog outside. Head to kitchen put on my HRM which I left out on the bench, HRM won’t work without the watch part though, where is that? On the bench in the bloody ensuite, so back to the bedroom I go, as soon as I sneak in hubby makes it clear that he is not impressed, whoops! Grab all parts of HRM and finally make it out the door.

Get to gym & the gym is very very busy and I wonder who are all these people out exercising at stupid’o’clock. All the cardio machines are being used and I start having a little freak out as to what I am going to do for my warm up if all the machines are being used? I have never ever seen all the cardio machines in use at my gym. I go and put my headphones on and get ready to go and thankfully a treadmill becomes available right as I’m ready to get going. So I get stuck in and my few weeks off has really done some damage, I am really not feeling it this morning but I power on. I don’t get everything done in my program and I have realized now if I want to get through a full session I am going to have to get up at 5.30am! Yuck! To top off my crappy workout my HRM decides to stop working 7 minutes in, so tonight it is getting put through the washing machine, transmitter batteries are getting changed and I have everything crossed that tomorrow it decides it is ready to play. I also forgot my gloves so my hands are bloody sore now from the weights.

Tonight I have decided to join a work colleague at water aerobics, my wonderful hubby has agreed to hold the fort with the little ones so I can get out and do double exercise sessions today. I am sure we will be the youngest ones there and I’m not sure it will be a big calorie burner but it should be a bit of fun while still being active. Who knows I might even decide I love it and want to do it more often? I could slip in a few laps of the pool in if I decide to make it a regular occurrence.

So what have I learnt today? Triple check you’re prepared and ready! Tomorrow I will be setting the alarm for 5.30am. My jumper, gloves and all HRM requirements will be waiting in the lounge room with my runners and gym clothes. Ok day 2, look out, I’m coming! 

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