Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Doctors Orders

OK so I have been told I have to lay off the exercise, if I am to do anything, all I’m allowed is a short walk… is that going to get me ready for my 10km run, closely followed by the 12km run??? But doctor (well Osteopath) orders it, so if I want to get better then I must obey. My lightheadedness is still with me, as are my occasional dizzy moments. I am constantly in conversation and lose track of what I was saying, I feel like a right idiot at times, plus I am constantly exhausted.

My appointment with the Osteo went really well last week and I really feel that it did something to help, I have a follow up next week and I need to continue on my medication until then so I just have everything crossed that things will start to improve soon. The sun has started shining more frequently and I just want to pull on my runners and head out for a run along the river.

If you want to go running with me, you'd better be prepared to walk a lot.
My new form of exercise

I gave myself the day off yesterday, planned on hanging out on the couch just trying to have some recovery time but a call from daycare put a stop to that rather quickly and instead I spent 2 hours treating my daughter’s hair for head lice, stripping beds, getting loads of washing done, cleaning kitchen and cooking dinner. I did get some quality couch time in the evening once the girls had gone to bed so tonight I’ll tackle Washing Mountain and get some folding done while I sit and watch TV

So feeling very useless at the moment, longing to get out and move and hoping that whatever it is going on in my head right now will F off really soon

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