Friday, 30 August 2013

Kicking Goals

Where does the time go? Another 10 days between posts!!! Running is going well, I have built up from 4km to 6km in the last 10 days so next week will be out chasing 7km. With 10 weeks to go until the big 12km I am very happy with my progress and certain I will have my distance up to 12 by the time the big day rolls around. In light of my new goals I thought it best that I go and get fitted properly for a new pair of runners. There is an amazing shop in Geelong, the running company, so I headed off there to be put on one of their treadmills and filmed while running so they could see how my feet and ankles behaved to determine what sort of shoe I needed. Turns out that I have ankles that don’t behave – they roll inwards when my foot lands meaning I need shoes with a truckload of support in them, after trying on 10-15 pairs of shoes – each pair has to be tested back on the treadmill and the footage reviewed to see if my ankles are behaving I am now the proud owner of a shiny new pair of brooks runners, which I am told will be perfect for the amount of km’s I will be clocking up and will be fine to wear should I choose to join Greg in the madness of a 21.1km run in April.
My new best friend

On the work front, I have been offered a promotion, thankfully no one at work knows about my blog as I have been sworn to secrecy until next week, but I have been promoted to hotel operations manager. This means a nice pay rise but also I have been able to negotiate much better hours for myself to ensure I get to spend more time with my family & I can stop stressing out about job applications – YAY

My car unfortunately needs a new motor, so that’s not good news; thankfully we have been able to borrow my grandparent’s second car for as long as we need it. Trust us to have a car with a notoriously hard to find motor in it. The mechanic is hoping he will have one for us next week but it also means the car will have been away from home for about a month by the time we get it back, decided I LOVE my car, can’t wait til it comes home

Off to a Trivia night tonight organised by some good friends of mine, their lives and the lives of many I know have been affected by cancer, they are participating in a number of rides in order to raise money for cancer research and tonight we are raising funds for the Melbourne Ride to Conquer Cancer – if anyone can help the cause please follow this link to donate funds to help them raise enough money to participate in the rest of the rides around the country . Julies Ride or Gregs Rides

Until next time, have a great week all x

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  1. Sarah, you know you will be joining me in April, you have the bug and buying running shoes and spending the time to have them fitted only proves you have the bug.

    Thank you also for promoting our rides on here, it means a lot to us and I hope you enjoy the night.