Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Learning to say NO

Well entering the second full week of 12WBT and i was super excited with my week 2 weigh in and a loss of 2.1kg. The day before i had one of those days where i wanted to eat everything in sight. I didn't do what i would have done in the past by scoffing a whole packet of chips followed by everything else in the pantry but i did have a handful of pringles and a small amount of chocolate. Then yesterday i had a very social day, visited a close friend of mine and her new baby. A chocolate hot cross bun was offered - i was starving so i ate it...not with butter but still A CHOCOLATE HOT CROSS BUN.... what was i thinking??? Then to my sister in laws for lunch, she is following weight watchers and thought she was giving me a nice healthy lunch chicken and salad rolls - All the bread was white :( I had a toasted Turkish bread - i probably should have only eaten half, but i ate it ALL - then felt extremely full so refused any of the fruit that came out afterwards. I guess this in itself is a lesson - i may have no control over what i am served but i do have control over how much of it i eat. My 2 days of bad choices have shown up on the scales this morning with a 1.2kg gain!!! So in order to track a great loss this week i need to get my ass moving, make proper food choices and resist temptations that are put in front of me.

Funnily enough this weeks lesson was about flexing that willpower muscle - i need to take that on board and be more prepared next time i have a social day planned

A fitting quote from Steve Jobs

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  1. It's soooo hard when you're out & the food is provided for you!! Especially when you are starving. Make sure you never go out starving again - have some snacks in your bag that you can eat in the car on the way, or make sure you have a really big brekkie.
    You're doing so great, keep up the brilliant work!