Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Lightbulbs and Diaries

I got a diary….yep what a nerd :) So in the lead up to my 4th round of 12WBT while going through pre-season, I have been reading the book ‘Total Body Transformation’ to start getting back in the right headspace and in there was a suggestion to start a diary tracking your food, exercise and mood. I thought this was a great idea, I have had quite a few down days lately and as you may (or may not be aware) I suffer from PND, I thought tracking my food and exercise would be a great idea to track how and if this is affecting my moods and may just give me some strategies for managing my PND. I’m also going to try and blog more, it helps clear my head and keep me on track. If you do follow my blog feel free to send me a message if I am slipping and you don’t hear from me for a week or 2, your message may be just what I need to pull me back from the edge of another black hole. I also bought a recipe folder and a pad of weekly planners and I sat and sorted out all of my 12WBT recipes into neatly organised sections. I will be filling in the weekly planner each week and putting it in the front of the recipe folder, the nicely organised folder will ensure I have easy access to each recipe and will also help me when it comes to planning the shopping list. I feel much more organised after having done this and now just need to sit and plan out the first week to kick start the new habit. I did start the diary today including jumping on the scales and doing a full list of measurements to go along with my food log and mood tracking.

The new diary     

Day one - Keeping honest

I also watched the latest mindset video from the pre-season today too and had a little light bulb moment. The task and video is the kitchen makeover. Now most of the crap food Michelle was going through in her video and telling us to throw away doesn’t live at our house. The problem I have with nutrition is not that there is always access to crap food in our house but that when I decide I want something I go out and get it, the shops are only around the corner so it’s very easy to do; this is a habit that needs to stop immediately! Now the light bulb moment happened when Michelle was talking about feeding high sugar cereals and crap food to your children. Now high sugar cereal doesn’t exist at our house, I make sure the girls eat a healthy breakfast to set them up for the day, but what does exist is a container full of snacks for the girls – little packets of chips and biscuits etc. If I am not going to be eating these foods, why would I feed them to my children? If the girls want a snack or dessert they will often grab a bickie but I’ll bet if I don’t buy them anymore and fill up the fruit bowl instead and make sure there is yummy yoghurt always in the fridge they won’t even miss the snacks and will reach straight for the healthy option without a second thought. I have made a decision that I will no longer be buying these items for the girls. Biscuits and the like can become a special treat when we go out for afternoon tea and will no longer be a food that can be accessed daily from our very own pantry. 

Lightbulb moment

What snacks do you have on hand for your kids?

Feeling like i have made good progress and should be ready and raring when the round officially kicks off.  

If only you could workout in high heels


  1. i love this! when i come in on the next round im gna contact u for support!

    1. You are very welcome to contact me, it's amazing what a little support can do. Best of luck to you x