Sunday, 23 February 2014

I got this!

It’s been a while between posts but like they say, ‘if you’ve got nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all’. The past 6 weeks or so have been a real rollercoaster for me, I’ll try to quickly summarise:

  • Excited about new running coach and my increasing strength
  • Worried about what seemed to be a relapse in depression, not eating properly, not training properly, miserable all the time, tired all the time
  • Off to Dr, not depression, prescribed a week off work (stress leave) and asked if I can quit my job. No I can’t, I have a mortgage to pay. Can you reduce your hours? No!
  • After my week off I am asked ‘how will you cope’? Answer: I am just going to change my attitude, get into positive thinking, make the best of it while I’m there and put it out to the universe that I am now truly ready to move on and believe that if I can keep a positive outlook then good things will come
  • Applied for a job that I didn’t think I would get. It’s at a real estate agents as a portfolio manager for holiday accommodation
  • Nailed the job interview process!!!
  • Resigned from a job that is making me miserable
  • Getting ready for my first run of the year, 10km River Run, my running buddy pulled out due to injury, quick panic, OMG, can I do this by myself?
  • Put on my big girl knickers, went out to my run and smashed it! Took 8 minutes off my previous 10km time
What’s next? I am working out my notice, it is certainly making the clock tick slowly but there is light at the end of the tunnel, I am looking forward to my new position and the new challenges that will come along with it. Next month I am signed up for 17km Great Rail Run so I need to keep up with my training, increase my distance and get km’s into my legs, I am also coming to realise that if I have to have walk breaks it’s OK, I haven’t failed, it’s taking time but it is slowly sinking in, if I have to walk/run then I walk/run but I will complete 17km next month

Also I have put my scales away, I am not signed up for this round of 12WBT but I have a few close girlfriends that are, when they do their weekly weigh in, I am coming up with a non scale victory rather than looking at my weight loss for the week. I want to focus on how I’m feeling rather then what I weigh, I know that if I am going too far off the rails with food and fitness then I will feel it in my clothes and know I need to rein it back in, all of my bigger clothes have been send off to the salvos so no excuses and definitely no buying clothes in a bigger size!

Until next time......I got this :) 
Photo: Did smash out 10km this morning and took 8mins of my previous time, super happy 󾰀󾟙thanks to my support crew Benjamin Foster xx
My big 10km achievement


  1. You really do have this Sarah, you have got the exact right frame of mind. Firstly isn't it liberating to do a run on your own. Okay so it's not exactly the same if you come home over the finish line and there's no one there (that happened to me at Dunkeld, a bit of an anti-climax last year after my first 10km race), so looks like you might have had someone there taking the pic.

    Secondly I'm all for work/life balance and if work is making your miserable then get out. Yep we have mortgages, but I don't want to get to the end of my life and think I wasted X amount of years in a job I hated. I would make ends meet and I'm a bit fan of throwing my arms up to the universe and asking for help.

    Great things coming your way mate.


    1. Thanks Carol, it's support from people like you that make everything that litle bit easier :) xx