Sunday, 17 November 2013

I CAN Run Geelong

Well the big day came, and now it’s gone and I think I can officially remove the L plates from my running singlet. 12km Run Geelong, done and dusted!

For those that don't know, last year I was signed up for the 6km run and at 23kg heavier than I am now, with no training, no fitness and not a very good attitude I ran maybe 500 metres of the course, walking and whinging through the rest of it. When I decided to change my life - right around the time that failed run occurred, I vowed that this year I would run all 12km.

My day started with preparation the night before, laying out all of my running gear and writing my reason for running on my bib after much deliberation and asking opinions from my girlfriends I finally decided on the following: 

My pre race preparation

Early to bed, set the alarm which promptly went off at 6.30am to the sound of P!NK blaring out: You gotta get up and try and try and try. I have my alarm set to the local radio station so this was not pre planned, just the universe helping to tell me what I needed to do today. Got myself ready, had some breakfast and my friend Ebony arrived to drive me into town. We had a quick wander around the start/finishing area grabbing our last few sips of water, placed ourselves at the back of the pack in preparation for a slow and steady run and before we knew it, we were off! 

I lost Ebony within the first 100metres but that was to be expected, I already knew her pace was about 1min per km quicker than mine. At about the 2km mark I found a friend, a girl I didn’t know ended up falling into step with me and we ran pretty much the entire course together. I had plenty of moments where I struggled a little but had to keep telling myself positive thoughts, the following saying stuck with me and got me through a few kms

About half way through we tackled our big climb for the day, the Moorabool st hill, pleased to say I managed to run all the way up it and even past a few people struggling with as I went. We ran past the organizers support crew at the 9km mark and that gave me an extra spring in my step and I feel my best km was 9-10km, I felt strong and my splits show that I ran it 30sec faster than my average. Through the botanical gardens at the 10-11km I did end up walk/run/walk/run to tackle some of those hills but still probably only walked about 200metres in total. I took off on my new friend through my 9km leg but she soon found me and by the last km, we ran to the finish together separating only when her final burst of energy saw her sprint off to the finish line while I happily plodded towards my end goal. The best scenery of the day was on approach to the finishing line where hubby and my little girls were patiently waiting for me to come through the home stretch. They cheered me on and I finally crossed the finish line with an official finishing time of 1:32:01. I had said before I set out it would be amazing if I could get it done in 90mins but I really didn’t think I would manage it and to come so close makes me so incredibly happy. 

Hello Family
Almost to finish line

The results acording to map my run
At the finish line there is heaps to see and do but we went straight to the massage tent then found a quiet spot of grass to stretch out our tired legs. Mother Nature had really turned the weather on for us and I could’ve sat on that grass all day soaking up the sunshine. Instead we headed home for a shower then picked up one of my best friends and then off to Queenscliff for a celebratory lunch followed by a yuumy ice cream sat by the water.

Post run ice cream
6 months ago the Holy Grail was to nail this 12km run, I think I can safely say I have now done it. I am a little bit stiff and sore today but it’s nothing a bit more stretching and a day of rest won’t fix. Next step? Study the 12WBT program and get training to see if I can tackle the next Holy Grail: the half marathon!


  1. Congratulations! What a fantastic achievement.

  2. Sarah, I loved reading your recap of the run. Too too terrific !!!!