Wednesday, 1 January 2014


New year’s resolutions are not really my style and I don't usually participate in them, however this year a group of my close girlfriends decided they wanted to write 'new me' resolutions and share them with each other. I decided that mine was not so much of a new me resolution but a find the pre vertigo 2013 version of me that was fit and focused, here is the result:   

Find a running coach and work on a gym program geared to strengthening my running muscles & increase my cardio fitness, also to assist with nutritional information to help me get the best fuel for my runs

Run 10km in February – Geelong River Run

Run 17km in March – Great Rail Trail Run

Run 21.1km in my first half marathon with Greg & Carol at the Geelong half

Find and sign up for as many fun runs as possible after the half marathon so that I do not lose focus once the ‘unachievable’ has been achieved

Track my food on MFP as much as possible, things always work better when I track

Limit alcohol intake, I generally don’t drink a lot but December has certainly seen a big increase on booze consumed, go back to drinking only on special occasions and not ‘just because I feel like it’

Get my ass out of hotels and find a job in a new industry

Find time to catch up with old friends who I do not see enough of

Use my diary to schedule my exercise times so that I do not have an ‘I don’t have time’ excuse

Plan meals and shop accordingly so that there is no excuse for take away or other crappy foods

And there it is, my plan for 2014 - do you make resolutions? What are your goals for 2014?

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  1. Hey hey. Still playing catch up with the blog reading. The half marathon is scaring me witless! But we will do it, right?!! I'll be doing the Mother's Day Classic in Geelong again this year, will you be doing that (8km) ?? Although fresh off the half marathon I may be hobbling!! ha.

    Resolutions not so much. Although I have resolved to stop a habit that I used to have, that I stopped, and now have slowly slid back to - and that is eating in the car. It's like it's the "it doesn't count" eating. So I'm nipping that in the bud.